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FAQ for New Transgender Birth Certificate Regulations Proposed in New York City

FAQ for New Transgender Birth Certificate Regulations Proposed in New York City

Board of Health Press Release: Birth Certificate Policy (Dec 2006)

Health Department Withdraws Proposal to Change Standard for Certifying Gender Change, Citing Broader Social Implications and Forthcoming Federal Rules

The fight for fair access to birth certificates continues

On December 5, 2006, the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene withdrew a proposed amendment to the Health Code that would have given access to accurate birth certificates to many transgender people. The amendment would have allowed new birth certificates to be issued to those who could prove with medical evidence they had completed transition and intended to remain permanently in their gender, whether or not they had undergone a specific surgical procedure as a part of transition.

New York City Birth Certificate Policy

For several years, until late in 2006, SRLP worked with the New York City Board of Health / Bureau of Vital Statistics to try to get them to change their birth certificate sex designation change policy to not require genital surgery — which they failed to do. The materials linked below document the history of SRLP's work on this issue, and may be helpful to activists working on similar issues elsewhere.

SRLP Publication

How to Legally Change Your Name in New York City

Detailed instructions for completing a legal name change in New York City, including copies of some court papers you'll need to submit, how to change your name with the DMV and Social Security Administration, and how to change the gender marker on your NY drivers's license.
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