Stop the Suspensions!

Recently, SRLP joined the NY Coalition for Immigrants' Rights to Drivers' Licenses. This important coalition, consisting of dozens of New York organizations, is opposing new policies designed to suspend the licenses of immigrants in New York State.

This year, New York’s DMV, as well as DMVs in other states, started comparing records with the Social Security Administration (SSA), and sending letters threatening license suspension to anyone who has mismatching information between the two sets of records, or who holds a license under a social security number that is also being used by someone else. Thousands of immigrants received these letters, and immigrant rights groups started to work to oppose this unfair and invasive use of government surveillance to deny immigrants the basic necessities of driving with a license.

At the same time, hundreds of transgender people started receiving these letters. Many transgender people have a different gender on their SSA records than on their DMV records because the DMV allows a transgender person to change their sex designation with a doctor’s letter, while SSA requires proof of genital surgery. Many transgender people who have not had genital surgery successfully change their gender on their DMV identification, allowing them to work and go to school under their lived gender, but never have an opportunity to change their SSA sex designation because they cannot afford, are not medically eligible for, or do not want genital surgery.

While this policy is targeted at depriving immigrants of drivers’ licenses, it has also had a significant impact on non-immigrant transgender people, who similarly lack the ability to fully document their lives. SRLP is excited to be working with groups from around the state to oppose this unfair and invasive use of government information. We believe that the DMV should stick to its job of keeping the roads safe, and the SSA should keep to its job of ensuring benefits for elderly and disabled people. Using these records to create a witch hunt for immigrants, and a catch-22 for transgender people, is inexcusable. SRLP has a deep investment in opposing this policy on behalf of all our clients, transgender immigrants and transgender people who are not immigrants.

Please read the information below from the coalition to learn more, endorse our work, and help to end these abuses of our privacy and humanity. (Materials are in MS Word format)

Flyer About Why Immigrants Are Losing Their Drivers' Licenses45 KB
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Invitation To Join The NY Coalition For Immigrants' Rights To Drivers' Licenses (UPDATED)40 KB
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