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Department of Homeless Services Trans Rights Flyer

image of DHS flyer
Did You Know...

  • that it’s illegal to discriminate against transgender or gender nonconforming people in New York City?
  • that this law applies to homeless shelters?

In January 2006 the Department of Homeless Services (DHS) issued a new policy that protects transgender, intersex, and gender non-conforming people from discrimination within the shelter system.This policy states that you have the right to be housed in a shelter that corresponds to your gender identity, not according to your birth sex. This is a new policy, and shelter workers are still learning about it. They may not inform you of your rights — so YOU should know what they are.

  • Shelter workers are required to address you as you request, and place you in a shelter that matches your gender, no matter what your legal documents say.
  • You cannot be forced to use a facility that does not match your gender.
  • You also cannot be forced to dress in a way that does not match your gender.
  • If you are homeless and identify as a woman, you have the right to go to a women’s intake center and be placed in a women’s shelter.
  • For more information, or

    If you have been discriminated against in the shelter system;
    If you are not being placed according to your gender;
    If shelter workers do not know about this policy;

    call the Sylvia Rivera Law Project at 212-337-8550 for help.

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