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Know Your Rights brochures and other materials published by SRLP, alphabetized by title.

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A Place of Respect

A guide for group care facilities serving transgender and gender non-conforming youth

A pioneering new report authored by the National Center for Lesbian Rights (NCLR) and the Sylvia Rivera Law Project (SRLP) urges group care facilities to reassess their treatment of transgender and gender non-conforming youth and to adopt policies and practices that provide these youth with appropriate, fair and equal care.

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Cómo cambiar legalmente su nombre

Una guía para la gente Trans en la ciudad de Nueva York

Instrucciones cómo cambiar legalmente su nombre en Nueva York. Read more »

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Department of Homeless Services Trans Rights Flyer

Did You Know... • that it’s illegal to discriminate against transgender or gender nonconforming people in New York City? • that this law applies to homeless shelters?

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Many public school administrators, faculty and staff have a lot of questions when working with students who are transgender or gender nonconforming.  This fact sheet is designed to give basic information about the law as it pertains to transgender and gender nonconforming students in New York City. 


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How to Legally Change Your Name in New York City

Detailed instructions for completing a legal name change in New York City, including copies of some court papers you'll need to submit, how to change your name with the DMV and Social Security Administration, and how to change the gender marker on your NY drivers's license.

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In Solidarity 2012

is a collaborative newsletter created by Prisoner Advisory Committee members, who are involuntarily locked away, SRLP staff & volunteers .

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It's War In Here

A Report on the Treatment of Transgender and Intersex People in NYS Men's Prisons SRLP is proud to announce the publication of a new report, It's War In Here: A Report on the Treatment of Transgender and Intersex People in New York State Men's Prisons.

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Participating In Direct Actions: A Guide for Transgender People

For all of you out in the streets or supporting those efforts...

check out the result of a collaboration between The National Center for Transgender Equality & SRLP!  Participating in Direct Actions: A Guide for Transgender People.

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Póliza de Departamento de Servicios

¿Sabía Usted... que es ilegal el discriminar contra personas transgenero o inconformitistas de género en la ciudad de Nueva York, que esto aplica a refugios para personas desamparadas? Read more »

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Pronoun Etiquette

People often wonder how to be polite when it comes to problems of misidentifying another person’s pronoun. Here are some general tips:

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Protect Yourself At Work

Transgender Employees in New York Discrimination against transgender people in employment is still widespread, making it harder for us to keep jobs and have enough money to live. Laws now protect people from this kind of discrimination in New York.

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Protéjase Así Misma/o En El Trabajo

Empleados Transgénero en Nueva York

La discriminación en el trabajo hacía personas transgénero todavía es muy común, haciendo difícil mantener trabajos y ganar suficiente dinero para vivir. Ahora las leyes protegen a las personas de la discriminación de esta clase en la ciudad de Nueva York. Los detalles de estas leyes se encuentran abajo. Read more »

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Qué hacer sobre la discriminación en el Cuidado de Salud

Si usted piensa que han discriminado en su contra, he aquí algunas cosas que usted puede hacer para proteger sus derechos. Read more »

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Rights to Public Benefits for Trans People in NYC

Did You Know…

--that it’s illegal to discriminate against transgender or gender nonconforming people in New York City?
--that this law applies to welfare offices? Read more »

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SRLP Brochure

SRLP's updated tri-fold brochure for 2010. Download to find out more about our work or to spread the word!

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Sus Derechos de Inmigrante

Inmigrantes Trans en Nueva York

El Cambio de Nombre para Inmigrantes en Nueva York • Cambio de Nombre al Punto de Naturalización • Cambio del género y del nombre en documentos de la inmigración • Asilo para Personas Trans • Reconocimiento de la uniónes Trans • Acta de Identificación Real Read more »

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Tips for Trans People Dealing with Cops

On the street and in public...

You never have to consent to a search
. If a cop asks to search you, your home, or your bag, saying “I do not consent to a search” helps protect your rights.

  • Cops are allowed to do a “pat down” if they believe that you may be armed.

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Trans Voting Power

NY Voting Rights for Trans People

Rights. No one should try to keep you from voting if you have the right to vote. Poll workers are not allowed to turn you away because of your gender identity, gender expression, race, religion, disability, national origin, language, sexual orientation, or for any other reason not about your right to vote. Read more »

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Transgender Youth in Foster Care

Know Your Rights If you are transgender, gender non-conforming, or questioning, you have the right to be safe in the foster care system.

In New York City, the agency that runs foster care programs is called the Administration of Children’s Services (ACS). If you are no longer living at home, ACS is the agency that should place you in either a foster home or a group care facility. It is ACS’s job to make sure that you are safe and that your basic needs are met while you are not living with a parent. Group homes and residential treatment facilities are usually run by private organizations hired by ACS. They still must follow all the rules that apply to ACS.  They have to make sure that you are safe, free from harassment, and able to develop and express your gender identity.

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Tus Derechos al Cuidado de Salud: Juventud

La Juventud Trans en la ciudad de Nueva York

El Derecho A La Asistencia Médica De Emergencia • Discriminación En El Cuidado De Salud De Personas Transgenero • Discriminación del VIH en cuidado de salud • Los Derechos De La Juventud A Consentimiento De Servicios De Salud • Reclusión Y Tratamiento De Salud Mental Involuntario • El Derecho Al Cuidado Adecuado Read more »

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Your Healthcare Rights

Trans Adults in New York City • Right to Emergency Medical Care • Transgender Healthcare Discrimination • HIV Healthcare Discrimination • Rights to Consent to Healthcare • Rights to Refuse Treatment • What to do About Healthcare Discrimination

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Your Healthcare Rights: Youth

Healthcare Rights of Trans Youth in New York City In this brochure: • Right to Emergency Medical Care • Transgender Healthcare Discrimination • HIV Healthcare Discrimination • Rights of Youth to Consent to Healthcare • Commitment and Involuntary Mental Health Treatment • The Right to Adequate Care

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Your Immigration Rights

Trans Immigrants in New York In this brochure: • Name Changes for Immigrants in New York • Name and Gender Change on Immigration Documents • Trans Marriage Recognition • The Real ID Act • Asylum for Trans People