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Sus Derechos de Inmigrante

Inmigrantes Trans en Nueva York

El Cambio de Nombre para Inmigrantes en Nueva York • Cambio de Nombre al Punto de Naturalización • Cambio del género y del nombre en documentos de la inmigración • Asilo para Personas Trans • Reconocimiento de la uniónes Trans • Acta de Identificación Real Read more »

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Your Immigration Rights

Trans Immigrants in New York In this brochure: • Name Changes for Immigrants in New York • Name and Gender Change on Immigration Documents • Trans Marriage Recognition • The Real ID Act • Asylum for Trans People

NY State ID Policy

The NY State Department of Motor vehicles, which issues all New York State Driver's Licenses and Non-Driver's ID ("state ID") has a specific policy for changing gender on a a state ID card. This policy is much less burdensome and difficult than other state agencies such as HRA or the Department of Health (which issues Birth Certificates). A letter from a medical professional is required, stating that " one gender predominates over the other," but proof of surgery is NOT required. 

If you go to change your gender on your state ID, bring a copy of the policy, because many locations do not know about it or have never seen it.

Th policy is available here. Read more »

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Cómo cambiar legalmente su nombre

Una guía para la gente Trans en la ciudad de Nueva York

Instrucciones cómo cambiar legalmente su nombre en Nueva York. Read more »

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Court removes bar to transgender name changes

Associated Press
November 27, 2008

This article also discusses New York State's Appellate Division of the State Supreme Court ruling that transgender people can change their names "at will", without any medical requirements or surgery-regardless of a judge's "confusion".

Stop the Suspensions!

Recently, SRLP joined the NY Coalition for Immigrants' Rights to Drivers' Licenses. This important coalition, consisting of dozens of New York organizations, is opposing new policies designed to suspend the licenses of immigrants in New York State.

Victory: Name Change Court Decision in Matter of Guido

On October 24th, 2003, SRLP received a favorable decision in Matter of Guido, a case where we were fighting for a transgender woman to be allowed to change her name

FAQ for New Transgender Birth Certificate Regulations Proposed in New York City

FAQ for New Transgender Birth Certificate Regulations Proposed in New York City

The fight for fair access to birth certificates continues

On December 5, 2006, the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene withdrew a proposed amendment to the Health Code that would have given access to accurate birth certificates to many transgender people. The amendment would have allowed new birth certificates to be issued to those who could prove with medical evidence they had completed transition and intended to remain permanently in their gender, whether or not they had undergone a specific surgical procedure as a part of transition.